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From lions, to lions

Leonis JJ Club 1 year anniversary


Exactly one year ago this month we first opened our doors in Breda with the dream of bringing our sport to the community and anyone who also share the love for Ju-Jitsu.

To start a martial arts school in a city where you are new and don't know many people was definitely a big challenge. But our love for Ju-Jitsu and the passion for teaching the 'gentle art' was stronger than the fear of failure.

We won't deny that it was and still is an every day challenge but also an adventure to keep our Leonis Family growing day after day.

When we look back over this year, we smile thinking about the great opportunities we had, the new people we met and the lives we've touched.

Great part of our success over the past year is due to our students who trust us to pass on the knowledge, without them we wouldn't have made it this far ( we promise to continue kicking your butt the years to follow :P). Also friends, family, colleagues coaches that throughout this period kept us positive.

THANK YOU to everyone for an amazing first year, the journey have just begun and we look forward to what is coming next. Cheers to a bigger, better and stronger team!


Leonis Ju Jitsu Club



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