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Our lessons program was created to ensure that all our students, beginners or non-beginners receive the best training where they will be able to improve their overall Ju Jitsu knowledge, increase movement and build a solid foundation.


Currently, Ju Jitsu contemplates three different types of competitions at world level: Fighting System, Duo System, and Ne-Waza. Our students will receive training covering all of the three categories above, with also focus on self-defense techniques and on general physic condition.


If you are looking for a recreational sport or have also the ambition to participate in competitions, we make sure to give you the best training to help you to achieve your goals.


Children starting from 3 years old can also come and train Ju Jitsu with us. Our kids lessons are prepared accordingly to their age group and they will learn with games and fun.


Our Program goals:


  • Improve our students overall Ju Jitsu knowledge

  • Introduce students to all techniques and situations

  • Build coordination

  • Help students build confidence and self-discipline

  • Respect the coaches and your training partners


Our lessons are taught in English and Dutch.


Leonis Ju Jitsu Club Kids
coach Hara goni fighting system

The Fighting System

With a different approach, the Fighting System is articulated in three minute combats between athletes from opposing teams. The system is divided in 12 categories according to weight and sex.
The actual combat is 
divided in three parts: 
Part I sees the Jutsukas involved in distance combat and controlled attacks with arms and legs. 
Once a grab has been made, the fight enters Part II and hits are no longer allowed. The Jutsukas try to bring one another down with various throwing techniques. Points are given according to how 'clean' and effective the actions are judged. 
Once down on the tatamis (mats), the match enters its Part III. Here points are given for immobilization techniques, controlled strangulations or levers on body joints that bring the opponent to yield. The winner is the Jutsuka who has accumulated most points during the fight or performed a “perfect technique in all three Parts” got scored by Ippon. In this
case the fight will be ended before time ran out. This type of competition requires timing, agility, strength and endurance.
Points and Penalties must be given by the majority of the referees.

Ju Jitsu duo system

The Duo System

The Duo System is a discipline in which a pair of jutsukas from the same team show possible self-defense techniques against a series of 12 attacks.
The Duo System has three competition categories: male, female or mixed, and the athletes are judged for their speed, accuracy, control
and realism. It is arguably the most spectacular form of ju-jitsu competition and it requires great technical preparation, synchronism and elevated athletic qualities.

The jury shall look for and judge the following criteria:

  1. Powerful attack

  2. Reality

  3. Control

  4. Effectiveness

  5. Attitude

  6. Speed

  7. Variability

The scores are given from 0 to 10 (1/2 number interval) by five judges.
Three scores get counted because highest and the lowest scores are taken away to avoid mistakes.

This competition is even attractive for people not involved in martial arts. Fast and spectacular actions are shown. Precise kicks and punches, dynamic throwing techniques and powerful locks are performed by the contestants.


coach hara goni newaza fight

The Ne-Waza / Jiu Jitsu

Ne-Waza (ground technique) is one of the main Jujitsu (and Judo) basis. Its important technical heritage measures up to its big efficiency and its educational value. In the official JJIF competition program it is a new discipline since 2010, established in the World Games 2013 the first time in two categories (men – 85kg and women – 70 kg).
The fight of two opponents starts standing. Punches and Kicks are not allowed.
After starting the fight the referee interrupt only in critical moments so normally the main part of the fight takes place on the ground. It is the goal to win by submission with a lock on the joints or strangulation. During the time of 6 minutes it is possible to gain points for throws, take down, controlling positions and actions giving you a advantage in the fight.
The Ne-Waza Ju-Jitsu is extremely tactical and sometimes described as the chess game of martial arts.

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