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  • For the Baby Ju Jitsu group, parents are responsible for changing their child in the changing rooms. If possible already bring your child with the Ju Jitsu kimono to avoid agglomerations due to COVID.

  • Do not arrive more than 15 minutes early as the doors will be locked while we are giving another class.

  • If a student arrives late, he/she must wait for the coaches to say hi and allows him/her to enter the lesson.

  • While attending a trial lesson, parents may stay in the gym with a silent telephone and without giving instructions to the training students. In principle, viewers do not leave the room after the training has started until the training has ended. When watching the lesson with a second child, make sure that the child stays with you at all times or the coaches can request that you wait outside.

  • It is not allowed to stay in the gym during a lesson unless in special circumstances when agreed by the coaches.

  • It is not allowed to step in the training mat wearing shoes.

  • All students MUST wear a Ju Jitsu Kimono and the Leonis Ju Jitsu Club T-shirt underneath. The training materials must be marked with the name of the student in a place that is not immediately visible. You can purchase the uniform directly via our online shop.

  • Lost property is collected and if tagged can be returned to the correct person. We therefore strongly recommend that you mark the items and let the children take their belongings in a bag.

  • The students should ensure a clean body, short nails on the hands and feet. Jewelry and headgear are prohibited (including earrings and / or piercings). If jewelry cannot be removed, it should be taped. All this for security reasons, among other things.

  • Eating and drinking is not allowed in the dojo (including chewing gum) unless it concerns sports drinks and care is taken not to spill.

  • Anyone who is guilty of misconduct, inside or outside the dojo, will no longer be admitted to the training. All this at the discretion of trainers.

  • Discipline and motivation are of paramount importance to our school. The student must, therefore, demonstrate good commitment during training and the will to learn. If in the opinion of the trainers, this is not sufficiently met, they will contact the parents or the member to find a suitable solution.

  • Communication between the trainers and the parents will mainly take place via e-mail.

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