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7 Signs You are Addicted to Ju Jitsu

jiu jitsu sunset

Oh…Ju Jitsu, that two letter word that can melt the hearts of stone into beautiful flowers. Well, not exactly like that, but you know what I mean!

If you don’t know what is Ju Jitsu, you’re definitely missing out in a lot of great things. This martial art sport will not only teach you self-defense and improve your physical condition but immerse you in a brotherhood, a new family, a new lifestyle.

After a Ju Jitsu training you’ve got a cocktail of chemical endorphins flooding your body, the feeling of accomplishment kicks in and you’ve got that stupid smile in your face. But hold on, being super enthusiastic to sport doesn`t necessarily means I’m addicted. Well, but If you can relate to some of these below – yes you are addicted to Ju Jitsu!

1 – You think about Ju Jitsu all the time

You just finished your Ju Jitsu lesson and, on the way home you are going over and over in your head the techniques that you’ve just learned. Do you wish you could go back and practice a little more, just to be sure you don’t forget it?

These and many more, are the first signs of the ‘Ju Jitsu fever’. Who never tried to choke the pillow or ask the girlfriend/boyfriend/sister/ etc to try a technique.

“Hey, can I try something with you real quickly? It won’t hurt.”

When it comes to Ju Jitsu not even the dog will be left untouched.

2 – Your closet has more kimonos/Gi’s than normal clothes

Did you ever open your closet and for a minute you thought you were at a sports store? You see yourself often researching for the latest kimono models, rashguards and all you ever ask for birthdays, Christmas and Valentine’s Day is more Ju Jitsu clothing? Welcome to the club.

Certainly, there is something enjoyable about the process. They can't blame us for wanting to look awesome on the mats.

3 – Your social media is all about Ju Jitsu

For some it may sound strange, but if you are a die hard jujitsuka, Instagram and Facebook are some sort of haven. A great place to connect with fellow students, teachers and read the latest news about the sport.

If on a personal level, over 80% of your Instagram feed is loaded with the best photos of you rolling with your friends, or a selfie showing off your new kimono, and you’ve got an abundance of random new followers linked to the same lifestyle, let's be honest, you are one step closer to having ‘Ju Jitsu fever’.

4 – Comedies? No way, let`s watch an action movie!

Let's be honest here…if you can relate to all of the above you are without a doubt addicted to Ju Jitsu.

We all love actions movies, but have you noticed that since you started practicing Ju Jitsu you found one more reason to watch this kind of movies? And that you are super focused trying to identify that awesome moves you learned in class or even the mistakes they do?

Yeah! Look at that mawashi geri, wow…and that o goshi. I think I can do that! Or even “That's horrible, that's not how you do a choke you stupid, look at that gap.

All of a sudden Keanu Reeves is your best friend and your nickname is John Wick.

5 – You are all the time bruised

Your family and co-workers at this point think that you are in an abusive relationship. You always show up full of bruises, scratches and injuries. For every recovered bruise, two new ones will certainly appear and always on the most visible areas where you cannot hide.

The scars that stayed become stories that you always tell with pride. Who never gathered with Ju Jitsu friends and compared injuries, scars – it`s pretty much a tradition.

6 – You have ‘Unagi’

If you are a fan of the series F.R.I.E.N.D.S you certainly know what this is about.

Since you started Ju Jitsu your awareness of the surroundings became much better – or at least you believe it did. You are now prepared to deal with any danger that may cross your path and you make all this crazy scenario in your mind of how you would get out of a certain dangerous encounter.

Be careful with your ‘unagi’ fellow jujitskukas, you’re not Ross Galler.

7 – Do Ju Jitsu miss me too?

Holidays are your worse enemy. Why do they have to close the dojo?

Two days without going to practice is already torture and imagine an entire holiday season! Who needs Christmas and New Year, let`s roll people. Ju Jitsu For Life!


So, are you or are you not addicted to Ju Jitsu? Leave your comments below. We hope you guys had fun reading and could relate to a few of our points. After all we simply love Ju Jitsu.

See you on the mats,

Leonis Ju Jitsu Club


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