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From lions, to lions

Strong body, healthy skin

Let’s be true here…none of us were born athletes! First of all it takes some serious will power, the decision to start something and second, it takes a lot of hard work and commitment to stick with it over years and years.

Practicing sports is a lot of fun and super beneficial for your health. Overall health improvement and mental health are just a small example of what can be achieved with practicing regular fiscal activity. You will feel stronger, more energetic, healthier and last but not least, HAPPY.

Even if you are not a super athlete or have no ambition of becoming the next Usain Bolt, exercising should become part of your life. And guess what? It doesn't have to be expensive neither. There are endless options to choose from, of course we totally recommend you practice Jiu Jitsu with us =D but it`s totally up to you and what you like to do.

Now you tell me, - ‘but exercising is hard, and I get all sweaty and my skin will get oily and I will have bad acne, and…and…and’. Well, not all true but let`s break this down.

Exercising is not hard, but it can be hard in the beginning if you are not used to move a little and tend to spend most of your days watching Netflix. It doesn't mean that will always be this hard. The difficult part is to start, once you take the decision to start and get committed to it the rest is like stealing candy from a child (don't do that, isn't nice). With time, you will feel stronger and stronger and what once felt like a huge struggle, suddenly is going to be very natural. YES!

We, the coaches from Leonis Ju Jitsu Club normally juggle between giving multiple classes per day and training for ourselves. Now imagine what this can do to your skin…sweat, dry, sweat, dry. Every person sweat in different proportions, ones almost don`t even dip a drop while others seems to have come straight out from the shower. It doesn't matter how visible your sweat is, the danger of getting bad skin is there.

After a workout, your skin loses water due to evaporation, leaving it dehydrated and your pores are open. This leaves them exposed to harmful bacteria and pollutant buildup that cause breakouts and unhealthy skin. This can increase surface lines as well as dead skin cell buildup, which clogs your pores.

But don`t get desperate just yet…there is a light at the end of the tunnel. For the past year we have been trying the wonderful products from Athia Skin Care. The products from Athia are specially formulated to target the potential skin issues from high levels of activity. Their products use highly concentrated amounts of antioxidants, electrolytes, amino acids, vitamins and essential minerals to cleanse, moisturize, detoxify and brighten. Additionally, their probiotic technology is masterfully formulated to provide healthier skin by fighting free radicals and other harmful bacteria, while replenishing the skin's essential good bacteria. WINNER!

Athia skin is part of our training routine

And now let me tell you a secret, their Daily Facial Cleanser is infused with real gold flakes. Yes, you will have a smooth healthy skin shining like gold. Besides they have an entire line that will take good care of your daily skin necessities. The flasks are compact and super easy to carry along, we always have it on with us in our gym bag. It became part of our skin care routine. Go check them out and get a 15% discount with our code AthiaYCrk

After all this, if you are not convinced yet that you should be exercising, send us a message and come over for 2 free lessons with us. Just mention this blog post.

See you on the mats!

Leonis Ju Jitsu Club



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