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Product review: PROTEIN by Melkunie

If you are an athlete or are constantly on the move, you know how hard it is sometimes to get that fuel back into your body.

With us is not different. Between training, competitions, giving lessons here and there, most of the days we are out from the morning until late in the night. Even tho we do our best to make sure our diet is balanced, healthy and that we are putting back into our bodies everything that we are burning, it is a tricky job to no fall into the temptations of grabbing a quick junk on the go.

So, what we usually do is to make sure our main meals are sorted out in the weekend. Full table with meal prep for all the week. But also we need some fast boost between the lessons, and here is where PROTEIN by Melkunie came in good hand.

We tested they`re protein drinks during one month. After training, between lessons and driving to meetings, we have to say that this drinks helped us to keep our energy level high until we could grab a meal. If you are like us and get in a grumpy kind of mood when you need fuel (picture The Hulk) , we could`t imagine walking in to give a kids class without having first our protein.

The chocolate flavoured protein drink comes in a 479ml bottle and contain 25g of protein inside. But the best part is, it tastes delicious. It`s not too watery, neither too thick. It`s a nice and smooth consistency with a rich chocolate flavour. If you have tried protein supplements before, you know how hard it is to find one that tastes good.

We tried also the protein tropical shake. It comes in a smaller format, the bottle contain 225ml and 20g of protein. We have one word for this one, PARTY. Yes, it`s a party in your mouth. It tastes like summer at the beach, of course living in the Netherlands you better turn on that heating to have the beach effect.

Serious talk now, even tho this flavour came in a smaller bottle, it`s very rich and didn't leave us feeling powerless, it did it`s job. They also offer the smaller bottle in the flavour raspberry and Quark in many flavours that we did`t have the chance to try.

Conclusion, we absolutely recommend the products from PROTEIN by Melkunie. They will help you stay energised to keep moving. Also they are super easy to use, no need to mix milk and powder. Just keep it cold and bam, drink it.

Thank you PROTEIN by Melkunie for the trust. See you on the mats, oss!



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